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Common Breastmilk Nutrient Deficiencies

by Whitney Poma |

Breastmilk is milk made by humans for humans and is a formula that has endured hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Breastmilk is truly an amazing chemical. It is considered to be the perfect food for infants but the nature of our lifestyles and variations in our climate can mean that breastmilk is conditionally perfect. A mom's exposure to sunlight, her dietary habits, and factors beyond her control can lead to deficiencies in her breastmilk's nutritional composition. In developed countries such at the United States and Canada, certain deficiencies are common, including iron, iodine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K. 

Common Breastmilk Nutrient Deficiencies

There are many reasons why these nutrients are commonly deficient. Some, like iron, just aren't readily used in the breastmilk production process so they don't make it in to the final product. Others, like Vitamin D, are associated with the prevalence of Vitamin D deficient mothers, especially those living in environments with common cloud cover or severe winters. 

Momful's Mom Bod Postnatal Multivitamin has been formulated specifically to offer a postpartum breastfeeding mom a complete multivitamin that not only addresses her postnatal depletion and regular micronutrient needs but also supply her body with the proper ingredients to make breastmilk that is rich with critical nutrients for baby's ongoing development. 

The daily values of these nutrients available in Momful's Mom Bod postnatal vitamin.

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