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by Whitney Poma |

Momful Offers Much-Needed Nutritional Support for Moms

Momful is an effective and important breastfeeding supplement that is targeted at nourishing the bodies of new moms, which is a quite important and often goes unaddressed.

Momful works toward "postpartum enrichment" by boosting the levels of iron, zinc, and magnesium. This does not only allow one's "postpartum body [to] feel great," but it also works to strengthen the mom's milk supply, ensuring a more nutritious experience for the baby, as well. The breastfeeding supplement also supports the cognitive health of the user and "promotes [the] baby's nervous system and brain development."

Made in the US and formulated by experts, the Momful breastfeeding supplement is to be taken daily and is offered through a monthly subscription service that can be skipped, paused or canceled as needed.

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