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In the News: TrendHunter 25 Gifts for Mother's Day

by Whitney Poma |

Momful was honored to be included in TrendHunter's list of 25 Gifts for Mother's Day 2020

25 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

From All-in-One Face Creams to Luxe Floral Spring Candles
 — May 9, 2020 — Special
For individuals who are looking for some inspiration and insight on what's out there, this list of gift ideas for Mother's Day is a great resource. From numerous skincare products that are unique in their innovative anti-aging and nourishing formulas to delicious treats that are bound to delight the taste buds of moms, consumers have a lot to choose from.

For new moms, health and wellness are incredibly important and products like Momful and Rael's New Mom Care Kit ensure that consumers get nutritional support and comfort in the postpartum stage.

Taffer's, on the other hand, is a great gift for the cocktail-loving mom and the brand's range of low-calorie beverage mixes are sure to be a welcomed addition, especially since we will be celebrating Mother's Day at home this year as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

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