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Our Promise to You During COVID-19

by Whitney Poma |

To our mamas, we're here for you during these uncertain times. 

Breastfeeding during a pandemic adds to mental and physical challenges of this already very difficult season of life. Your and you baby's health is more important than ever to protect while we all try to ward off COVID-19. That's why we remain committed to ensuring the safety and timely shipment of our products. 

For your peace of mind, here are some benefits of your Momful Daily Vitamin Regimen during this time:

Contactless Delivery

Stay home, stay safe. Our subscription service and continued commitment to safe and timely shipping practices makes sure your essential vitamins are delivered to your door each month right when you need them.  

Momful's multivitamin has you covered

The pandemic has us all concerned about our immune systems while also spending more time indoors. This makes the consumption of Vitamins A, C and D more important than ever - to help us ward off illness and to keep our moods cheery despite less time in the sun. Momful's postnatal multivitamin has 133%, 67%, and 350% of your daily value in each serving. 

Extending your BF goal? We got you

Just one drop of breastmilk contains a million white blood cells and these blood cells release antibodies! You may be re-evaluating and extending your goals for breastfeeding as you consider its immune-boosting superpowers. That's much easier said than done, though. The Momful lactation supplement in our daily regimen supports breastmilk production by featuring traditionally used galactagogues and adaptogenic herbs like shatavari. 

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