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The Birth of Momful

by Whitney Poma |

The idea for Momful came to me

as I found myself yet again counting pills and preparing a few varieties of breastfeeding snacks, each packed with breastmilk-boosting galactagogues. This weekly routine had turned into the likes of meal-prepping as if I were a professional athlete or Crossfit enthusiast. Except, as a new mom, I didn’t have time for that. Trial and error had shown me that I needed to get these nutrients into my body in order to maintain my supply but I was also already spending over three and a half hours a day breastfeeding in addition to trying to keep up with my full-time job, and oh yea - caring for my newborn! 


Can you relate?


I knew there had to be a better way.

A better way to conveniently get the nutritional support to recover from childbirth, produce breast milk, and have the stamina for the daily marathon of motherhood. 

I collaborated with nutritional experts, and lactation counselors. I conducted research to understand how other moms were finding successful ways to sustain their breastfeeding nutrition. I gained an awareness for how many women struggle with breastfeeding and found that women who utilized nutritional support were more likely to overcome these challenges so they could sustain breastfeeding. The idea for Momful was uncovered and, as of today, is now available.

You don’t truly understand the saying “It takes a village!” until you become a mom. 

The support I received from veteran moms (friends and strangers, alike), in addition to my nutritional focus, saved my breastfeeding journey from ending too soon. I felt a need to repay that debt by paying it forward to other breastfeeding moms who are also juggling the many challenges of new motherhood. That’s why Momful has a foundational core value of giving back. For every five months worth of The Daily Regimen sold, we’ll be donating one month to low-income moms here in the US.

Breastfeeding is hard. Mothering is hard.

We’re here to provide peace of mind during a season of life that is often accompanied with self doubt. You got this, mama - but you don’t have to do it alone.


- Whitney
  Mom, Founder, and CEO of Momful

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