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Virtual Support for Breastfeeding Moms

by Whitney Poma |

Many of us moms, especially those with fragile newborn babies, are staying home to protect our families and our communities from spreading COVID-19 but that poses challenges to women who are seeking support and even urgent help for their breastfeeding challenges. 

Thankfully, online communities and social networks have enabled us all to find connection during this time of separation. There are many IBCLC's that are offering effective virtual support which is wonderful. If you're seeking professional support, be sure to look for these services in your area. If you're seeking empathy and mom-to-mom advice, then check out one of the below five online communities that have a wealth of engagement and information. 

Five online breastfeeding support communities:

1. What to Expect: Surprise! This community isn't just for women who are expecting a baby. They cover pregnancy and beyond! 

2. Baby and Bump: When they say "baby" they also mean moms of new babies. 

3. The Bump: The mere size of this community has organically spilled over into new motherhood and breastfeeding. 

4. Dairy Queens: An private FB group that takes pride in the quality of their conversations and interactions by carefully monitoring the discussion. 

5. Baby Center: All things baby - including breastfeeding. 

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