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Why We Give: Breastfeeding Isn't Free

by Whitney Poma |

Momful is built on the foundation of giving back for every purchase made.

The popular phrase “breastfeeding is free” is another reason women have misguided expectations about the decision to breastfeed. Although the statement originated with good intent - to highlight benefits of breastfeeding vs. bottle and formula feeding, it ultimately sets moms up for feeling a sense of failure once they realize that many elements of breastfeeding cost money. 

The costs of breastfeeding can be astonishing, especially when you were expecting it to be free.

Below are just some examples of costs that can be accrued over a year. These costs rise as a woman needs to turn to doctors, consultants, and nutritional resources for support. 


The costs of breastfeeding for a year can quickly add up to $600 or more.

We don’t value a mom’s time at $0 per hour, do we?

Even the time it takes to breastfeed has an inherent value. Depending on the nature of her work, the time she’s taking away from work to pump could have a very real impact on her earnings -- especially those in service based industries or those that are self-employed.


Breastfeeding for one year is approximately 1800 hours. A full time job with 3 weeks vacation is 1960 hours.

Now more than ever, women are being forced to choose between these costs and their nutrition for their babies.

The United States Federal Goverment is predicting a forthcoming unemployment rate of 30% as a result of the economic impact of COVID-19. Nearly 1 in 4 of WIC’s 6.87M participants in 2018 were infants, a government program that, among other things, offers free baby formula and foods to participating families. It’s distressing to think that we live in a country where financial hardships dictate the nutrition that an infant will receive but these situations are an anxiety-inducing reality of everyday life for too many mothers and their babies. 

That’s why Momful was built to give - from one mother to another.

We all know that breastfeeding is challenging both physically and emotionally. A woman might be able to overcome the physical and emotional challenges of breastfeeding only to find herself at the brink of giving up in the name of financial hardship but this is a barrier that we can all address together with compassion and generosity.

Join us in our cause

By signing up for a subscription of our Momful Daily Regimen - you’ll receive 10% off your order + free domestic shipping. We’ll give one month of the regimen for every five months sold. 

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