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who we are

we nourish moms so they can meet their personal goals for breastfeeding.

our philosophy

there for moms in need

We help breastfeeding moms meet their personal goals by being there when and where they need us along the way

produce a full mom, together

We adopt a village mentality to collectively lift us all higher. We value and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual

promote positive mom talk

We empathize with the challenges of modern motherhood, so we've created optimistic, proactive, and productive dialogue surrounding all things "Mom"

nourish family happiness

We improve families' overall happiness and physical and mental health by making their goal of breastfeeding more attainable

Giving Back

for every 5 sold, we donate 1

The expense associated with breastfeeding became apparent to me as I was restocking my supplements, purchasing more breastmilk bags, and ordering replacement parts for my breast pump. Breastfeeding is often thought to be free, but in reality – there are some very real costs that could prevent moms from meeting their goals. That’s why Momful donates one product for every five sold.   These donations seek to lower yet another barrier to breastfeeding success amongst women who may otherwise be forced to make such a decision between buying breastmilk bags or diapers. When you purchase from Momful, you’re not only helping yourself but also helping a mom in need.

how we started

our founder

for moms, by a mom

I’m Whitney, Founder and CEO of Momful.

I was determined to breastfeed my daughter for a year. Like many moms, I took a breastfeeding class at the hospital, consulted with IBCLCs, leaned on my fellow mom friends and relied a little too much on social media to answer all of my late-night nursing paranoias. Despite my best efforts to breastfeed – it wasn’t coming naturally to me. Her weight was significantly declining as she turned 6 weeks old and my anxiety was at an all-time high.

Sounds familiar?   

I felt so foolish when the lactation consultant reminded me to focus on my nutrition. This whole time I had been so focused on my baby’s nutrition that it totally hadn’t occured to me that *I* was my baby’s nutrition. I left the appointment that day with a list of nutritional recommendations that I was eager to explore. I went on to become an exclusive pumper which offered the benefit of knowing exactly how much I was producing each day. 

I became keenly aware of how my nutrition impacted my output and ultimately found a vitamin and supplement regimen that optimized my supply. I was befuddled when I realized that what I found wasn’t necessarily anything new - that many moms had found breastfeeding success through focusing on their nutrition.

In sharing my story with others, I found out I wasn’t alone. In fact, of the 4 out of 5 babies that initiate breastfeeding, an average of less than 1 of them meet the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation to be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life.   

I founded Momful to help other women on their breastfeeding journeys. Momful’s breastfeeding nutrition products are designed to streamline the wealth of overwhelming research and information about the needs of a postpartum breastfeeding mom. Doctor formulated and reviewed, they’re ready for busy mom life. 

Momful moms are seeing results. With our 5 star ratings and reviews growing regularly, moms are using Momful’s vitamins and supplements to help them meet their breastfeeding goals while feeling their best.

I have learned that there are many factors beyond just mom’s nutrition, that can lead to successful breastfeeding. I've even earned my certificate as a Certified Lactation Consultant! Momful strives to be a key component of that journey. Another key component of that journey is a mom’s community and support network. I highly encourage every expecting mom to build a relationship with a lactation consultant prior to her baby’s arrival and to make them your go-to person for breastfeeding support. 

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